Special Edition collection

UNICA collections, even if always the result of a creativity unfettered by extemporaneous trends and influences, following a research pathway that is also original, are now encompassed, by the definition of Neo-Baroque, more than by any other.

The constant search for unprecedented style solutions, the departure from the rigid straight line pattern in favour of curves, the constant use of the elliptical figure juxtaposed with the more static circle, an eye to every detail, proliferation of new decorative techniques, play on perspectives the harmonious shapes and the dynamic tension that drives the works to be conceived as actual settings able to add pahtos to the shape and arouse amazement in its viewers, making the Baroque characterisation completely reflected in Unica’s aesthetics.

Baroque, Neo-Baroque and today UNICA, translate shape into a full-fledged anthem to life, with the desire to give you amazement, lightness and wonder in contrast with the harshness of pain that often characterises it.