Onde collection

Onde, which means “waves” in Italian, is a collection dedicated to the mystique of water, ever a source of fascination and enchantment. Waves flow sinuously along the coast, leaving an ever-changing patchwork of patterns in the sand.

Listening to the vibrations of the sea and the movement of the waves, we understand that each and every moment flows toward a destination as yet unknown. All but the now is out of our reach, as yesterday is no more and tomorrow is an unexplored frontier.

All that exists comes in endlessly repeating cycles. The end of one cycle marks the beginning of the next, and so on and so forth in the eternal flowing of life, much like that ever-changing rhythm of the waves—at times languid, at others tempestuous.

This collection is a quest for perfection, the surfer’s perfect wave, that rare and subjective state that draws us ever forward. Waves come and waves go in an evolving, rapid succession, creating curves, softening corners, making shapes of which no two are alike. This powerful allure of nature is a source of inspiration for us here at Unica, and so it is that the sea and its waves have given rise to our fascinatingly innovative Onde collection.