Fioriture collection

The “Fioriture” (Bloom) collection, inspired by a fairy tale, takes shape from the desire to create magical environments– places that the eye never gets tired of looking at.

Our pieces transform spaces into environments where nature is the focal point. Spaces that bring suggestions of landscapes, overflowing with life and energy. Places where the soul can feel at home, welcomed as in a warm embrace, by the same elements it comes from.

Our pieces also transport you back in time through our beautiful landscapes. Suddenly you’re taken back to the flowery meadows of your childhood, picking flowers to keep or give away as gifts.

The blown glass flowers that rest on the surfaces are ready to be picked and placed in small flower vases. The small circular steel studs will then close the holes left open on the top, blending and camouflaging themselves into the floral decoration applied to the glass.

The table with seven leaves and endless floral decorations that expands and multiplies its spatial dimension towards a place without borders is UNICA’S answer to the desire to recreate the suggestion that only a field of flowers under a blue sky can provide the beholder.