Eclisse collection

The “Eclisse” (Eclipse) collection was born from the desire to create magical environments where energy flows, mirroring the enchantment of an eclipse. A moment of wonder that is always a marvel to observe. A sequence of overlapping circular forms softened by the irregular shape of the crystal, the celestial inconsistency, and the high or low, full or empty, metal bases.

A material mixture of crystal and perforated metal for curved tables with lunar lines.

This collection is composed of 9 tables, each arranged in 4 lines: “Azimuth, Saros, Apogeo, and Prominence”– and three screens.

The high and low tables are designed to expand and multiply their spatial dimension towards infinity. The tables are UNICA’s answer to the desire to recreate that feeling that is only emitted during the magic of an eclipse. An image of alternating light and shadows can merge regardless of the place and time.