Morpheus collection

“Morpheus”: a collection dedicated to Morpheus, the messenger of Gods’ dreams, endowed with the extraordinary ability to appear in sleep in ever-changing forms.

As its name suggests, the Greek word “morphè” means “form” as an act of shaping dreams. And it is precisely dreams that inspired the creation of this fascinating collection, permeated with femininity and mystery. Those dreams without which our life would lose meaning, the desires towards which we tend every morning to our awakening from deep night sleep.

Sleep, as a journey through the boundaries of reality and imagination where the limit of reason enters into relationship with the unconscious. A journey that leads us to live impossible experiences that in the dream become more real than the same reality. It is here that Morpheus takes shape by opening the door between the rational and the unconscious. A curtain that falls on the ordinary vision of the world and at the same time opens another in an imaginary dimension; so the dream comes to life to accompany us in a ups and downs of emotions that disappear with the arrival of the morning.

This collection defined by products with sinuous, enveloping and soft shapes is born from the need to create an ideal environment, a romantic and welcoming alcove suitable to accompany our night journey towards the most remote borders of our fantasy, towards unexplored worlds, towards the realization of our most daring wishes. Because on our awakening we may have the illusion that we are still living in our dreams.