Milano Design Week continues

Milano Design Week continues its journey at Show-Hub Milano, where you can continue to watch the wonder of FIORITURE collection exhibited there and share the mood that has distinguished the UNICA brand since its creation.

The ambitious challenge that accompanied us during the Design Week was the ability to create a unique environment in which nature was recognized as the undisputed protagonist; a space circumscribed by walls that brought back the suggestions of open air, overflowing with life and energy.

UNICA’s creative artists and designers, aware of the transitive power that defines us human beings as part of nature itself, show meticulous attention to natural elements and make them a primary source of inspiration and at the same time something to be safeguarded.

Design and emotion on a journey towards harmony with nature. Precious materials such as glass and steel blend perfectly in an innovative concept that removes the barriers of the buildings themselves, transforming every space into a place literally “invaded” by nature, where inspiration has no limits and the interior space takes the charm of a “flower garden”.

Traditional decorative techniques are thus revisited and associated with innovative industrial processes to bring the vital vibration of nature indoors.