Salon Art + Design 2021

From November 11th to 15th UNICA will be attending the prestigious Salon Art + Design in the amazing frame of Park Avenue Armory in New York City.

Presenting Rosa Rosae Rosae table of FIORITURE collection (Design by Arcade Studio and UNICA)  an all-Italian aimed to remove barriers between the rooms, transforming each space into a literally “invaded” place from nature, where inspiration has no limits and the interior takes on the charm of a” flower garden “.

The Salon’s inclusivity and willingness to consider both fine and decorative art in the context of contemporary life is predicated on the belief that today, more than ever, designers and collectors create environments rather than collect objects.

Salon is the perfect place to present our brand due to its differentiating from other fairs by including a highly curated mixture of historic and contemporary collectible design and encouraging designers to create immersive environments mirroring the way we live today.

Come visit us at North Hall.