Do the space in which we live affect us? Already at the time of the Romans the existence of a real consciousness of the environments was theorized, a soul called “Genius Loci”. Architecture must dialogue with the bioenergetic and emotional aspects of the world around us in order to create places to live in a positive way. We are more than pleased to present the course “Emotional and Bioenergetic Architecture”, an innovative event to discover the secrets of a design focused on people and their soul. The seminar will be developed around the themes of well-being and the energetic relationship between man and the environment. Current models and working methods will be presented. The first day will be hold by Prof. Claudio Viacava, expert in Habitat and Domotherapy Medicine. We will examine concepts such as the definition of “energy”, geopathology and some types of radiation. The theme of sacred architecture and its symbolism in different cultures will also be developed as well as hints on geometric relationships. The day will end with practical applications of bio-architecture and bio-energetic design to design healthy environments. During the second day, Giada Schneck will guide the participants in the discovery of emotional architecture. The path will start from the exposure of the benefits of this new approach and will continue with the learning of the working method. “Emotional” exercises will be carried out to put the learned concepts into practice; moreover, there will be time for questions and comparisons on the activity carried out. Finally, a practical example of emotional architecture, linked to working spaces, will be performed. The course will teach participants the secrets of a positive and functional architecture. The themes of emotions and bioenergy design are the foundations of the UNICA collections, which is pleased to present such an innovative and useful seminar!