Music is inevitable. If you want to listen to it, it will reach you sooner or later, like fate, like light, like a hug. Music is everywhere. You can hear it when the rain pours, the wind blows, and sometimes by just being quiet. Music is in everything if you want to listen to it, and everything produces music, if you want to listen to it.
Its etymological roots are entrenched in ancient Greek, from the work musikè which means “the art of the Muses”. It was considered the art of the arts by ancient Greeks, the only one able to transform simple air into something capable of raising the human soul well beyond the known senses.
Since the Muses were also the mythological source of inspiration for art itself, music was considered, first by the Greeks and then by all the following generations, as the sole art able to inspire and guide the others.
We at Unica have always said we believe in the mixture and common stock of arts but music, even for us, remains a particularly preferred sphere of fusion.
What we listen to accompanies the rhythm of every one of our creations, suggesting trajectories and shaping the ambiances that, through form, graphics and a search for materials, we try to evoke in our works. Music has always been in us, with us, at all times, from Mozart to Beethoven, from Chopin’s preludes to Debussy’s Claire de lune. And, if you want to listen to it, music resounds from every one of our works, in the reflections of gold, transparency of glass surfaces, when we evoke the natural kingdom and when we gather all the stars, when we head towards exotic spots and when we break through into a dreamlike palace.
Each one of our creations is a symphony of elements that meet and weave into a harmonious whole, a concert of stimuli that flow into the perpetual trend of a sublime whole. Like in music, with music, thanks to music and its inevitable being.
The evidence of this constancy, the analogies and the importance that we give to the world of notes as a source for inspiration for our creations, have driven us to make this synergy even more evident and prompted us to undertake new endeavors with unquestionably unsurpassed professionals.
So, while waiting to unveil the result of these new encounters we will enjoy the inevitability of music knowing that, if you listen to it, it is everywhere.