In its vision as total work of art, Unica has always asked itself how creation can exceed its own aesthetic and functional purpose to tending towards another purpose, parallel to the previous ones but able bring help, exactly capable of “Adjuvare” something and/or someone.

The search for sustainability in our project is thus intertwined right off with a formal and conceptual quest initially finding a response in the selection of completely recyclable materials and our choice of suppliers, mostly artisans from the Emilia Romagna area.  This approach has made it possible for us to ensure ultra-high quality at the same time and concrete help for development and promotion of local artisans.

Although the concept of help and sustainability are already recognized as standards in the sector, we felt the need to do something more, something that could transcend the relationship between product and ecology, something that, regardless of its impact on the production process, had greater ties to our poetic vision, with a symbolic value that is still extremely tangible.

The opportunity came up two years ago when Vanessa Stella and Fabrizio Rocchi met at the International Tiger Project and decided to support it, not just by adopting Cinta, a young Sumatran tiger at risk of extinction, but also by contributing to safeguarding his natural habitat, by protecting him from poachers, illegal acts and deforestation.

Adopting Cinta, given the similarities existing between Unica’s most intimate essence and that of a feline, immediately struck us as an extremely natural act, an action that Vanessa and Fabrizio felt was necessary in part for the strong symbolic value that the act holds per se and emits.

Adjuvare, helping someone, to us also means to make the level of our consciousness grow and evolve, integrating an awareness deep inside us that anything, if done for a greater good, will unquestionably be more beautiful, more appealing and more seductive.

Helping, defending and loving Cinta, also means reveal symbolically, first of all to ourselves. the strong desire to help, defend and love our planet.