We often talk about the relationship that the Unica universe has instinctively established with nature and its elements.

We have talked about how, the inspiration that the natural world gives our creative designers, is one of the greatest impetuses of our project and how, trying to bring the vibration of wildness into our interior living spaces, is one of the fundamental objectives for us to harmonise and facilitate the flow that connects works, humanity and nature according to the quantum concept of the “whole” and that relative to Jungian synchronicity.

We have seen how Unica, just three years ago, participated in the symbolic adoption of Cinta, the Sumatran tiger, at risk of extinction and now, the interconnections existing between the various entities have brought us up to March 2022 (Year of the Water Tiger according to the Chinese horoscope), revealing all of the similarities existing between Unica’s own essence and the distinctive features of the great Asian feline.

Reflecting on the terms related to this correspondence we have found ourselves increasingly involved in an impassioned identification between Unica and the substance of the tiger.

Both tend to follow their instincts and move according to logic immune to any established laws. Just like the tiger does not live in a pack, Unica, despite knowing it and studying it, does not necessarily follow current trends but entrusts taste to its designers, their subtle feelings, and their profound inspiration.

This makes both parties of this fortuitous similarity always unpredictable, never perceivable beforehand and each time astonishing in their movement through the realm of the unexpected.

The tiger, like Unica, is charged with female energy manifested through fluid and sinuous movements reminiscent of curves, roundness and the infinite without the edges typical of the works that bear our signature.

The femininity of both subjects is also quite clear in what is unanimously known as the first characteristic of the divine female, i.e., mystery and enigma. Thus, the ability of this big feline to  make  itself invisible  to prey and catch it by surprise, finds its artistic twin in the amazement that the originality of our design is able to generate thanks to its multiple nuances, often incompatible and completely new in their combinations – the source for our inspiration.

Unica and the tiger get their nourishment from the similarities able to remove the cruelty from nature, always leaving it overflowing with elegance and ideal beauty.