Starting from Thursday September 15th, visitors to Barocco&Neobarocco , the show held in Ragusa for home decoration, design and craftmanship brands, could enjoy an immersive multi-sensory experience.

Four days of exhibitions, meetings and installations staged in the architectural jewels of the city, including churches, palaces and theaters that are UNESCO heritage sites.

The event was staged in the most beautiful Baroque palaces of the city, Antica Cancelleria, Palazzo Cosentini, Palazzo La Rocca and the former Church of San Vincenzo Ferreri.

These spaces hosted works on the Neo-Baroque theme of design, art, fashion and photography.

The Festival intends to act as a permanent observatory on the expressions of “neo-Baroque” design, understood as a contemporary interpretation of that Baroque or rather late Baroque aesthetic.

UNICA collections, even if always the result of a creativity unfettered by extemporaneous trends and influences, following a research pathway that is also original, are now encompassed, by the definition of Neo-Baroque, more than by any other.

For the occasion the work “IBLA”  was presented for the first time during the exhibit, accompanied by the Bernini chairs, created by our artists and designed by the famous designer Roberto Semprini.

Our installation was placed in the evocative setting of San Vincenzo Ferreri Church and it was marked, in keeping with our multidisciplinary nature, by “Sinfonia della Bellezza”  a great happening in collaboration with the well-known artist Emiliano Toso. A special event in which Toso, cell biologist and 432Hz musician, was able to collect the fascination transmitted by our present works and translated it into music during a unique performance, which blended improvisation, audience involvement and subtle perception, in order to create an intense experience capable of combining beauty of the notes with beauty of the design.