September falls slyly like a feline, it shakes off the last summer heat and prepares to introduce an autumn that promises to be rich and full of new creative stimuli.

For us at Unica, as previously announced, September begins with the participation in the Barocco e Neobarocco design festival to be held in Ragusa Ibla from 15th to 18th September.

The festival conceived and directed by Roberto Semprini, an internationally renowned architect and designer, aims to create a lively dialogue between world of design and corporate culture, presenting to the big audience works that represent the maximum contemporary expression of neo-baroque design, in the places of the Hyblaean territory, a natural late Baroque frame, in a harmonious fusion of continuity between present and past.

For the occasion, Unica will exhibit some of his best-known works and the brand new Ibla table will make its debut, designed by Semprini himself, accompanied by a special seat.

The debut of the new works will officially take place on 15th September in the evocative setting of San Vincenzo Ferreri Church and it will be marked, in keeping with our multidisciplinary nature, by “Sinfonia della Bellezza” – Symphony of Beauty, a real happening in collaboration with the well-known composer Emiliano Toso.

A special event in which Toso, cell biologist and 432Hz musician, will collect the fascination transmitted by our present works and translate it into music during a unique performance, which will blend improvisation, audience involvement and subtle perception, in order to create an intense experience capable of combining beauty of the notes with beauty of the design, the auditory listening with the deepest feeling of the soul. After the festival, exhibition and works will remain visible to the public until 16th October 2022.