New design trends of 2023

2023 will see the consolidation of trends already underway in past years, thus maintaining a continuity of message.

Minimalism, in its most essential form, is giving way to softer and warmer lines.

Some of the most popular interior design trends for 2023 include the return of bold colours, surfaces in natural materials combined with mixed metallic finishes to create luxurious and enveloping environments.

In addition to this there is a more consistent use of stones that emphasize a reference to nature and the environment, giving the customer the perception of living a healthier life less tied to artificial materials.

Round and sinuous shapes will remain prevalent, reinforcing the personality and defining welcoming and soft, warm and accommodating environments. People will be increasingly looking for solutions with a unique character, highly distinguishable and strongly characterizing their own personality, identifying a 2023 less and less focused on what is trendy and more on personal expression.