Unica really cares about nature and wildlife protection.

Our concepts aim to remove barriers between the rooms transforming each space into a literally “invaded” place from nature, where inspiration has no limits. All our products arises from the innate and ancestral desire of man to be able to merge with nature in an indissoluble unicum with a high energetic and symbolic value

For this reason we decided to adopt a tiger, supporting International Tiger Project. We would like to make a symbolic but incredibly powerful gesture to protect the rainforest their descendants now rely on for survival. By adopting a tiger, we aim to help to safeguard this small but critical population of wild Sumatran tigers and we are actively protecting their habitat against poachers, logging and illegal encroachment. Our goal is to protect Cinta, her territory and prey, so she can become a successful mother. Cinta, meaning ‘love’ in Indonesia, and deeply matches with our vision, synthesized in our logo.