Unica meets Nature

Nature surrounds us, it is what we are made of and what we need. Nature is a combination of the animal, plant and mineral kingdoms. The sky, earth and water on the whole.

Nature is us and the relationship that humans establish with her often recounts how we living beings get on in the world.

The same word Nature has Latin roots and, depending on the preferred interpretation, it can be translated with the concept of What is going to be born or even The force it generates. Whatever translation is preferred, the same concept of Nature easily points to a unique intuition: Nature is life.

Unica’s artists and creative designers, aware of the transitive power that defines we humans as part of nature itself manifest a meticulous focus vis-a-vis natural elements and make them a source of primary inspiration and something to safeguard at the same time.

Thus flowers, planets, starry skies and eclipses become unquestionably evident subjects and protagonists of some of our collections but nevertheless there is a natural element that more than any other, despite not being showy, intrinsically appears in each work of ours: water.

In the theorem that aims at coinciding concepts of life and nature, water rises to the role of a fundamental element for creation and existence.

Water is everywhere in nature: it runs through living beings and shapes the inanimate and it is through the use of glass, reminiscent of its transparency and fluid shapes, that our works constantly evoke it.

Water, the lowest common denominator of the natural world, thus becomes the basic unit of measurement for our creative designers’ inspiration and for the life they want to transmit in giving shape to our creations.

One of our top priorities is being able to bring the vital vibration of nature indoors through our collections.

Nature is necessary and, as such, Unica protects it even in the choice of materials to use, by paying utmost attention, not only to their aesthetic value and quality, but also their environmental impact. 

Nature is life, we are life, and a piece of nature lives in each of our works.