Unica meets Fashion

Inspiration is everywhere.

In a flower, amongst the pots, sometimes in an unexpected smile or the hot wind of a summer afternoon. It often runs around the rim of an enamelled cup, vibrates in a bird’s song or rests in a broken shell; and anyway, it is always the possibility to grasp beauty in the unexpected.

Looking for inspiration and knowing how to recognise it is a quasi-expected task of all artists, the essential hunger that drives them to collect things in this world and transform them into meaning.

The inclination to capture beauty, often requires patient experience gained waiting for the right moment, other times it requires resourcefulness and research. It depends on the time, the level that physiological hunger has reached which, for an artist, is the need to create.

Unica is currently experiencing a time of feverish research.

An opportunity to nourish ourselves with new stimuli and sensations came up during a visit to the foundation FRI (Fashion Research Italy) of Bologna.

By consulting the drawings and tables present in the foundation’s precious textile design archive, we were able dive into a varied and kaleidoscopic world of splendour and experiences.

To be able to view the creations full of visual and material cues that the best made in Italy graphic artists made available the most prestigious fashion designers in the past 100 years, they gave us an intense bouquet of inspirations.

The tropical world, ancient Japan, exotic animals and the floral variety, solid colours, vintage nuances, futuristic visions and unusual minerals are just a part of the splendour we passed through, for us it was a real sensory trip through times and places, tastes, manners and rituals.

Our amazement at the work of some of these artists drove us to travel across Italy to visit their studios, learn more about their poetic vision, see their work and propose renewed collaboration between the fashion world and artistic design.

Nicoletta Lanati and Beppe Spadacini, among the various artists we met, are some of those who captivated us the most – the similarities of their subjects, life and interrelated experiences, they are the ones we let inspire us for the new Unica collections, in a quest for dialogue and fusion of the arts;

Inspiration is everywhere, but sometimes you need to know how to find your way in everywhere by relying on our senses and knowing how to recognise, among the various stimuli, those with a common vibration. With the right grace.