While the world buzzes awaiting the rebirth of a post pandemic reality, Italy’s economic, trade and social recovery seems to go hand in hand with the relaunch of its products, with particular focus on the ones that represent absolute excellence in the eyes of the world, i.e. the three F’s of Made in Italy: Fashion, Food & Furniture.

Unica, thanks to its obvious creativity and production, clearly belongs to the third category but, the numerous joint endeavours with stylists and designers and constant search for inspiration that combine ethics and aesthetics, inevitably led to an attentive and involved role in the world of Fashion and Food.

Each Unica work is never just a product designed and created by our artists, we like to think it is part of their own life and, as such, bearer of profound values that orient and move it. Each work for us is a story that talks about who we are and our idea of life.

The detailed search for materials, focus on nature and all its elements and the profound respect we possess for the universe where we are guests, leads us to hope that anyone who sits at one of our tables can also share our same concept of food.

The act of eating is above all a necessary cultural rite, a rite that daily reflects and enhances the style of those who work and produce food, those who expertly cook it and lastly, those who, with that food, dispel hunger and fill stomachs

Italy is a country of differences, biodiversity, uniqueness that have generated a food and wine heritage that must be protected and safeguarded. The cuisine that Italy exports to restaurants all over the world is primarily the daughter of household cooking and behind every product is the story of a woman or man or an entire population that works the land and materials according to century-old traditions.Tasting food, getting lost in the details of a fabric or harmony of the shapes of a table that for us starts from a unique story, a story that begins from respecting small things, a story that hands down other stories, a story to tell in company, maybe sharing a good bottle of wine under the stars, encompassed in a cosy wool sweater talking about a sustainable future, where even the smallest tradition can bring new style, greater awareness and the same essence.