October is the last month of the late grape harvest, the last call for transforming those thin vines loaded with grapes, the lascivious velvet as the poet Pablo Neruda defined wine.

In autumn, vineyards, filled with colours and scents amidst the rows, attract everyone, workers, relatives and friends, for a collective rite with the ageless ambiance of gathering, sharing and celebrating that culminates in a rich feast aimed at paying homage to the harvest and with hopes for a prosperous harvest and fortune for all present.

Wine is the window into a man, as written in the 7th century AD by the Greek poet Alcaeus. He realised that the effects of the beverage have a rare ability to make humans transparent and readable even in their most subtle states of mind, revealing what they normally are driven to conceal due to modesty, excessive reticence or social mores.

Wine as the bearer of crystal-clear truthfulness, a concept that would be later studied infinite times in literature over the years and at present is considered as acquired truth.

In the play of similarities between Unica and the various arts that embellish life, its affinity with wine is essential for us and the harbinger of new ideas and new approaches to collaboration.

The materic and symbolic similarities blend into a persuasive dance that hints at music and seasons and recounts a magical and imminent encounter. The fluid form of the shapes, reflecting surfaces, priceless materials and painstaking care taken when working them, lead to the very essence of each product. An idea of truth that, like wine, is able to uncover deep-seated emotions and hidden feelings, analogously to the heart, Unica also aims to convey the energy of a moment, an instant spent together, through its works.

If it is true that wine is the mirror of the soul, our works are created so that whoever looks at them or purchases them can find an essential part of themselves therein, a sincere, necessary part which has to do with the same nature that composes emotions. So, at present, while waiting to discover how UNICA will encounter wine, we hope to experience a transparency sufficient for allowing everyone to reconnect with the less predictable reflections of their own emotions